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"Wallkill River Demo"- Rhino House Band (Review)

It only takes two songs to be drawn into this indie band. Coming from Brooklyn, New York, Rhino House Band is a catchy, rhythmic, feel good band. Light acoustic guitars and bouncing drums demand you get off your ass and start dancing around wherever you may be. Just listen to the first track, “Feelings (Don’t Got Me No)”. This poetic little song, coming in at just 3 minutes and 5 seconds, is a real foot stomper. And while singer Ricky Demetro swoons and croons about all of the things he doesn’t have, he does have feelings and thoughts and his guitar. He certainly uses those tools well. If you’re not chanting along with the backing vocals, clapping, and dancing, you might not have a soul.

The second song, “Wallkill River”, is a little different. Its thin guitar reminds slightly of Vampire Weekend. The rhythm section groves throughout this song under a mood that’s still dance-ish, but slightly melancholy. The middle section of the song changes up the dynamic as the bass drops and the drums hit a reggae kinda beat, driving on the hi-hat. It is a bit more downbeat than “Feelings” as Ricky shouts “I’m never gonna sing my songs” and “I really can’t help myself/ “I feel just like somebody else”. “Wallkill River” is certainly my favorite of the two.

The “Wallkill River Demo” is definitely worth your time if you’re in to indie bands. Rhino House Band delivers two solid tracks that beg you come dance with them in the moonlight, by a river, and slightly drunk. 

Listen to “Wallkill River Demo” here:

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-Chris Taranto

Rhino House Band (Brooklyn, NY)

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Local Music TONIGHT!!

Here’s two killer shows going down tonight on Staten Island:

3rd floor Dock Street (691 Bay St, Doors 5:00pm, $10): Last Flight, Torn Till Midnight, The Atlicic, Yes Virginia, FigureHead, Almost There, Diet, West of Dennis, Strays, Backfire

South Shore Swim Club (6763 Hylan Blvd, Doors 6:30pm, Admission $10): Above the Boulevard, Backslashes and Bad Ideas, Coming Clean, Firestarter, Pete’s Lost Luggage, When It Counts

Hope to see you at one of these shows tonight! Support local music!

-Chris Taranto

A Hardcore Documentary

Not many people are aware of the history of the Staten Island local music scene. How could you be? There seems to be very little video or documentation of how the scene used to be unless you know someone who gigged back in the day. However, City Lights Films is trying to change that. With their new documentary, SIHC: A History., this freelance film and production company is aiming to shine on a light on the past.

"City Lights Films, based out of NYC is currently filming for their feature length documentary on the history of Staten Island Punk, Metal and Hardcore.  The history will be based from the early 80s, to the 90s and touch into the current state of the Staten Island scene." -Ant Lefty

If you want to keep up with City Lights Films and the progress of their hardcore/punk/metal documentary, go like their page on Facebook. It will definitely be something to keep your eyes peeled for. 

Facebook link:


-Chris Taranto